On Winning in Hollywood (from imranajmain.com)

“Ok I haven’t been able to update the past 5 days in Hollywood as I’ve been occupied with the competition here. Guess what?

I won Gold (1st prize) for Original Composition – “Jika Engkau Pergi”,
Bronze (3rd) for R&B/Jazz/Soul – “One Last Cry”, and
Bronze (3rd) for Broadway/Musical – “Maria”.

I got tops lah for Best Original Song!!! Thanks everybody!!!”

Imran Ajmain bagged himself 3 medals!! (from nurraudha.wordpress.com)


About World Championships of Performing Arts

Celebrating its 13th year, the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, California, the only official “Talent Olympics” for performing artists, expands in 2009 to create a system of competitions designed to provide invaluable experience and exposure for achieving artists around the world.

It is the 2nd year of Singapore to join in this prestigious talent Olympics where the JAZZ Kids collected GOLDS and Silver medals and went through the FINAL round in last year’s 2008 competition.

Imran Ajmain is among 3 other selected participants for this year’s WCOPA.

Imran’s Media Features on WCOPA



Imran in Selebriti magazine, May issue – Singapore

Credits to Juliana June and Kerri of The New Paper – Singapore

Credits to Riz Sunawan of Mediacorp News – Singapore


Credits to Nazri Hadi of Berita Harian – Singapore

Sponsorship Opportunities
We are still looking for kind sponsors to help us in funding this lifetime opportunity.  We’ll be offering you sponsorship exposure that is not like any other.  Imran’s first involvement in this competition carrying the national flag is one of his greatest milestone throughout his career.  With this, we would like you, to be our partner in this fruitful journey.  This will be opportunity for us to assist you having your branding and advertising stretch out worldwide.
Contact me and share with me on your company and products/services and how you would like to join us.
More details will be furnished to you personally on how you can have your company, products and services mentioned throughout our campaign – from Singapore right to Los Angel

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