A-Z I’l explain bit by bit
But if you can’t be bothered then just forget it
Clearly what I’m trying to say is
Don’t know why I’m feeling f**king like this
Everytime I feel blind and deaf
Felicity is what missing in myself
Got to be real, that’s what they say
Have yet to find the real right way
I‘m not trying to seek pity
Just to pour out to somebody
Keeping to myself doesn’t seem right
Letting everything out makes my gloomy day bright
Maybe my style is not perfect
Nothing I can do if that’s the fact
Only you in my life can make me happy
Please don’t you ever try to leave me
Questions are always flittering in my head
Replies from you make me think straight
Sorry, I can’t bite more than I can chew
This is only what I think I can do
Unearth the chapters down the memory lane
Vivid memories will always be in my brain
Wandering whether I’m telling the truth?
X-ray my heart and see the proof
You will always be in my heart
Zoomed and focused till death do us apart.

– fadly.ahmad